Baby Teeth Timeline

Though we’re born with all our baby teeth, they don’t make an appearance until anytime from six to twelve months of age! Each child is different, but usually the first teeth to come through are the bottom incisors, followed by the top incisors. By age three, your child should have all 20 baby teeth. 

When babies start teething, their gums can be very sore and tender. Signs that your baby might be teething include increased irritability, drooling, trouble sleeping, and decreased appetite. To help with the pain, you can rub their gums with a clean finger, a cold spoon, or wet gauze pad. Teethers can also help, just make sure to avoid ones filled with liquid or plastic objects that are prone to breaking. Instead, stick with solid rubber brands. 

The FDA recommends not using benzocaine products in children under two. Benzocaine is an anesthetic found in numbing gels and teething tablets such as Anbesol, Hurricaine, Oragel and Orabase. Before giving any drugstore product to your baby, make sure to first consult your dentist or pediatrician. 

Check out the baby teeth eruption chart below: 

Baby Teeth eruption chart