Sedation Dentistry

Your visit to our office should be stress-free, which is why we are happy to offer sedation to any patients who are feeling nervous or anxious. Sedation allows you to get dental work done while totally relaxed and completely comfortable.

  • Sedation is achieved with the use of various sedatives (i.e. triazolam, midazolam, lorazepam, hydroxyzine)
  • Sedation is NOT general anesthesia. While sedated, you will be conscious and responsive. You will be able to verbalize your needs and wants.
  • Sedation will make you sleepy and relaxed.
  • Your blood pressure and pulse will be monitored during your entire appointment.
  • Someone will be with you at all times.
  • Sedatives are amnesiacs– you will have little or no memory of the experience.
  • Sedatives relax your nervous system, so you will feel little discomfort and will probably not need any pain medication post-operatively.
  • You will continue to relax the rest of the day and a responsible companion should be with you until the following day.

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