Protecting Your Child’s Teeth From Injury

It’s that time of the year again–the pinnacle of summertime outdoor activities, soon to be followed by after-school sports practices. Kids are spending ample time outside playing with friends and teammates. As you watch the days of summer pass, it is important to remember how these outdoor activities can have unforeseen consequences if your child’s teeth are not protected. 

Sports-related dental injuries are very preventable with the appropriate equipment. However, nearly $500 million is spent per year or restoring injured, knocked-out or fractured teeth. 

The easiest way to prevent injury is by wearing a mouth guard during sports practices and competitions. This is especially important for adolescents with braces, since orthodontic appliances are more easily damaged than teeth. Mouth guards are available in retail stores and can reduce over 200,000 injuries a year!

If you have questions or concerns on how to protect your child’s teeth, please feel free to give our office a call!

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