Sparkling Water and Your Teeth

Many have turned to sparkling water as an alternative to soda, since it has the satisfying fizz without the extra calories and high sugar content. However, any drink with carbonation has higher acid levels than regular water. The explanation lies in chemistry– when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, it exists in equilibrium with another compound called carbonic acid, which has the risk to weaken tooth enamel. 

But does sparkling water affect your teeth? Scientists and dentists have been asking the same question. According to research studies, there is no statistically significant effect of sparkling water on enamel compared to regular water. Even though your La Croix is slightly more acidic than plain old water, your teeth don’t differentiate. 

So what’s the takeaway? Here are some tips for enjoying sparkling water:

  1. Sparkling water is unquestionably better for you than sugary sodas and juices. In addition to sparkling beverages, make sure to continue drinking fluoridated water, which protects enamel and helps prevent cavities. 
  2. Pay attention to the ingredients list. Citrus-flavored waters have higher levels of acid than unflavored sparkling water, which could increase risk of enamel wear. In addition, some brands of sparkling water contain sugar! Treat these like you would any sugary beverage and enjoy in moderation. 

Remember, water is always the best beverage choice, but it’s OK to treat yourself to sparkling water as well–just be mindful of any hidden ingredients!

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Source: Is Sparkling Water Bad for my Teeth?