Preventing Summer Dental Emergencies

As summer winds down, children will be making the most of their remaining days of freedom. To make sure your kids are safe, check out the tips below from toothpaste brand Colgate:

1. Make sure your kids are following pool rules. Running around slippery decks, diving into shallow water and bumping into pool edges can lead to chipping or knocking out teeth.

2. Know the actions to take in case of an emergency. Prior to your dental appointment, you can aid your child by using heat or cold packs for pain, cleaning the area and using gauze to stop bleeding (if any). If a permanent tooth has been knocked out, place it back in the mouth or keep it in milk until you get to the dentist.

3. Pack an emergency kit on vacations that include gauze, a small container, ibuprofen and your dentist’s contact information.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your kids start the school year with a healthy smile 🙂

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